LIVINGlab is the DOVISTA Group’s knowledge, learning and information laboratory. This is where we do our research to gain new knowledge and insight into how windows can be used to improve people’s lives and benefit the environment and society even more in future.  

Together with customers, construction industry specialists and university researchers, we investigate and develop new potential applications and uses of windows in our LIVINGlab. 

We do so through analyses, calculations and evaluations of the implications of academic research, legislative initiatives and market trends. We are an active and committed partner in projects involving design and construction of display houses of all kinds – buildings that create new knowledge on windows and how windows can make an innovative and valuable contribution towards more sustainable solutions, for the benefit of people, the environment and society in general.

Since 2009, we have been part of more than 40 projects involving leading-edge innovation – from the first low-energy and passive houses, via plus-energy and active houses, to houses that make even more challenging demands on the indoor environment and environmentally friendly use of resources – sustainable house designs.   

LIVINGlab has a lot of experience in taking part in research activities and partnerships. We do so together with representatives from the construction industry, universities and various knowledge centres throughout Northern Europe. We are also members of a number of networks on innovative construction solutions that provide input for legislation, responses and comments on revised standards and norms for the construction industry.

The expertise of LIVINGlab is of course available to all parts of the DOVISTA Group. But we welcome inquiries from anybody who is interested in architecture, building and construction, indoor environment or sustainability. We make our expertise available through a wide network consisting of academics and practitioners from the construction industry. To give a few examples: we offer courses and lectures, e.g. through the construction industry’s own information centre: Byggecentrum, and at trade shows and conferences. We also host special arrangements or courses for the professional customers of the DOVISTA Group – architects, construction companies, the building trades, contractors and developers.

LIVINGlab was set up by the DOVISTA Group in order to perform the following tasks: 

  • to monitor and identify general trends in society and our markets
  • to collect and create new knowledge on the impact of windows and their potential for enhancing people’s lives and the environment.
  • to analyse and test the products of the DOVISTA Group – to act as a sparring partner for our product development and sales departments 
  • to evaluate the business consequences of trends in the construction industry, relevant legislation, standards and market trends 
  • to make information on our knowledge and methodology available to all interested parties in an objective and well-documented way. 

For more information, please contact Peter Grønlund – see the website