O.H. Industri

O.H. Industri is the leading supplier of door leaves and sandwich panels for manufacturers of windows and doors in Northern Europe.

Established    1980 - indtrådt i DOVISTA Gruppen i 2005
Products  Insulated door leaves and sandwich panels for doors and windows 
Geographic presence Headquarters and sales in Denmark
Markets Denmark, Norway, the UK, the Baltic countries and Poland
Exports account for approx. 70%
Distribution channels Directly to manufacturers of windows and doors

Modern technology and an advanced logistics system allow O.H. Industri to offer its customers a very flexible product range combined with short lead times and efficient logistics. The door leaves and panels are made to customer specifications and adapted to the standards and statutory requirements of individual markets. 

Insulated door leaves are available in a number of designs, with different technical specifications and finish, which enables O.H. Industri to offer a unique product range for refurbishment as well as newbuild. O.H. Industri offers door leaves with optional combinations of a variety of surfaces, cut-outs for glass, panel designs and grooves.

Insulated panels can be used in O.H. Industri’s own door leave range or as components in their customers’ window sections, panelled and balcony doors.

Today, O.H. Industri sells its products in more than 10 countries in Northern Europe. The main markets are Denmark, Norway, the UK and Poland.