The DOVISTA Group is a group of leading companies and brands on the North European market for windows and external doors. At present, the group consists of 9 independent brands, and it has a total of 4,000 employees who manufacture and market doors and windows in Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Great Britain, Germany, Ireland and Poland.
The DOVISTA Group is owned by the Danish company DOVISTA A/S.

All the companies in the DOVISTA Group have their separate identity and market strategy. They all have a strong presence in their local markets and enjoy a close relationship with their customers. Being a member of the DOVISTA Group allows them to cooperate closely. We can share learning and create synergies between the different brands, which strengthens the Group’s combined knowledge and competences. We call this approach Distinctive Brands - Shared Excellence. We serve our customers and markets as Distinctive Brands, but we develop as a group through our Shared Excellence.

DOVISTA A/S is an active and committed owner, practicing its ownership through coordination of activities within strategic business and market development. Cooperation across the group benefits the individual company while at the same time strengthening the group as a whole, making us all more competitive, which in turn benefits our customers as well as our owners. 

DOVISTA A/S is owned 100% by the Danish company VKR Holding A/S – one of the most renowned and respected companies in Denmark, with some 14,900 employees and activities in more than 40 countries.