DOVISTA’s business strategy is Distinctive Brands - Shared Excellence. The market for windows is localised and fragmented, and we want to strengthen our presence on it. It is our belief that a shared strategic foundation will be the best way to consolidate and develop the companies in our group and their individual identities, brands and position on selected markets.

The market for windows and doors is characterised by differences in national and cultural preferences and strong loyalty to local brands. Consequently, we need a local presence in the markets where we want to do business. The distinctiveness of the individual brands and of the individual company is one of our most important strengths, and one that we wish to strengthen further through our strategy – the aspect we call Distinctive Brands.

However, the value chain of a window involves a number of inputs, processes and products that have no local attachment, but may benefit greatly from increased cooperation across the group. That is why the companies and the people working in the DOVISTA Group join forces to develop shared quality standards and competences – the aspect of the strategy we call Shared Excellence.

We are convinced that through active ownership of a group of well-established companies, DOVISTA A/S will be able to create added value for all the parties involved. We are certain that, through active cooperation, clear goals and performance targets, we can take the results of the individual company as well as the combined group to a higher level than we would have been able to achieve individually. This is the reason why DOVISTA A/S will continue to invest in the existing as well as new companies with an attractive market position and growth potential.

Our solutions, investments and ownership rest on a long-term perspective. DOVISTA continuously strives for healthy organic growth, and we do so through acquisition of attractive and well-positioned companies that we think will benefit from having DOVISTA as their owner.

The foundation of our strategy is that each brand in the DOVISTA Group must have an attractive market position, a separate brand identity and an independent marketing and market strategy. In this way, we make sure that each company in the group is competitive in selected segments and distribution channels, which enables us to target specific customers segments more precisely.

It is our goal that all companies in the DOVISTA Group attain a position as number one or two in their respective markets – renowned for their quality, competitiveness and good relations with their customers. Our focus is on sustainable growth and on our long-term goal of becoming the leader in our field.