The basic values of the DOVISTA Group

The DOVISTA Group rests on three shared basic values that guide the work performed by our employees and management.

Our shared basic values contribute effectively towards improving quality and creating real value for our customers, society, the people who work for us, and the company: 

• Responsibility and leadership
• Cooperation and commitment
• Workplace and performance

Responsibility and leadership

We all take on responsibility, individually as well as jointly. Taking responsibility means making sure that problems are solved, not merely shifted onto somebody else. We are efficient and conscientious employees and good colleagues, and we treat all colleagues fairly and with respect. Together, we produce products and knowledge that make a difference and contribute towards the well-being of people and the sustainable development of society. We take on leadership at all levels, to make sure directions are followed, deadlines observed, and our tasks performed well.

Cooperation and commitment

Customers and suppliers experience us as a reliable and attractive manufacturer and supplier of doors and windows – dependable, financially sound, attentive to their needs, service-minded, punctual and competitive. As a business partner, we are innovative, knowledgeable and competent. We strive – in cooperation with university researchers, trade and industry organisations, legislative and regulatory authorities – to produce new knowledge, create value and further sustainable development.

Manufacturing windows is closely connected with enhancing people’s quality of life and providing sustainable solutions to global climate challenges. Working with windows is meaningful and motivates the people who do it. Our commitment and enthusiasm must be evident and spread to everybody who comes into contact with the DOVISTA Group. 

Workplace and performance

We are an attractive place to work, offering favourable working conditions, supportive measures and ample scope for personal and professional development. Our organisation is efficient and flexible; it inspires and motivates individual employees to show initiative and fulfil their own potential, while at the same time encouraging them to be good team players and contribute to the common good.

We create a healthy business that produces good financial results, which gives us the freedom to act, and meets the expectations of our owners. The results we achieve enable the continued development of the DOVISTA Group, and they enable our owners to realise their goal of making a positive contribution towards the development of the communities we are part of.