New companies in the DOVISTA Group

It is the ambition of the DOVISTA Group to continue to grow, organically and by acquisition. We therefore welcome inquiries from companies who find our business model interesting, who agree with our basic values, and who think their inclusion in the DOVISTA Group could lead to a mutual strengthening of our companies.   

DOVISTA A/S will continue to develop and expand the group of companies we are involved in, in order to fulfil our vision of becoming the leading supplier of windows in Northern Europe.

When DOVISTA A/S decides to invest in a new company, the decision is based on the premise that we must be the right owner for the company. We will practice active ownership in order to strengthen the company’s market position, and we always consider potential investments in a long-term perspective.

As a new owner, we are often able see new potential in a company and spot opportunities for further development. At the same time, we respect the uniqueness of the company and appreciate its specific needs. If you think your company would be an asset in the DOVISTA family, and if you can see yourself and your company as part of our group, we will be very interested in hearing from you.  

For more information, please contact the CEO of DOVISTA A/S, Allan Lindhard Jørgensen.